Attorney Jeffrey W. Johnson Publishes Literature on Family Law

Attorney Jeffrey Johnson of the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Johnson is proud to announce the release of his new book titled “The Family Court Survival Guide: Navigating the New York Family Court System.” With well over twenty years of experience representing family law clients at his private law firm, Attorney Johnson decided to compile his knowledge and expertise into clear, easy-to-understand terms for the benefit of anyone who is facing a family law matter in New York.

The New York family court system is complex, and can feel overwhelming for most – especially those who are already burdened by the issue(s) that brought them there in the first place. This is what Attorney Johnson zeros in on in this highly informative guide: how to understand the basics of the family court system and procedures, and move forward with confidence, and the ability to make informed decisions. Distinctions between the New York Family Court and Supreme Court, spousal support determinations, child support and parenting time schedule modifications, and orders of protection are just a few of the topics covered in depth.

“Many people are worried or afraid when they’re in front of a family court judge. What’s going to happen to me? What’s going to happen to my kids? Many of the answers are in [this book],” says Attorney Johnson. Also answered are critical questions about whether a child’s opinion will be considered by the court in making custody decisions, the practical differences between sole and joint legal custody, and whether court intervention can actually be avoided.

“I hope that you find it useful, that it takes some of the fear and stress away, and that it helps you and your family,” adds Attorney Johnson.

If you’re feeling powerless over your family law issue or the idea of showing up in court, reading “The Family Court Survival Guide: Navigating the New York Family Court System” could empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Access a free downloadable version on the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Johnson’s website at

About the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Johnson: Since 2001, the Law Office of Jeffrey W. Johnson has handled thousands of family court cases, hundreds of which went to trial. Attorney Johnson is on assigned counsel and attorneys for children panels, and is devoted to staying current on the latest issues affecting his current and future clients. By virtue of his experience, he has developed a highly respectable reputation among former clients, judges, and fellow attorneys.

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