Best 5 questions to ask a family law attorney before hiring

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Not all couples live happily ever after. Every relationship and marriage is different, and some of them simply don’t work. A divorce is not a wonderful thing, yet there are individuals who end up needing one, either due to a toxic partner, lack of love, or other reasons.

Some states have higher divorce rates than others. For example, Nevada is one of the states with the highest divorce rates, having 10.20% divorced women per 1,000 married people. Las Vegas is the largest city in the state, so a lot of divorces take place there. When things get ugly, couples have to look for a Las Vegas family law attorney to get a proper settlement for their divorce.

If you are in a situation where you want to divorce your partner and need a family law attorney, you must choose a good one. So, here are 5 questions to ask before hiring a family lawyer.

1. Do you regularly handle family law matters?

Experience is very important, and an experienced attorney is usually a better option than a newer one. Experienced lawyers will know every aspect related to law and they’re not limited to family law. So, before you hire an attorney, ask them how regularly they are dealing with family law matters and how long they’ve been doing it for. It will help you find out if this is the lawyer you should take into consideration.

2. How long does it usually take you to respond?

During a case, you need to communicate with your lawyer as effectively as possible. So, the lawyer has to always keep you up to date with anything regarding your case. Ideally, an attorney should answer an email, message, or call within 24 hours. Ask a lawyer how long they take to respond, and what their preferred contact method is so you know how fast you will get responses.

3. Am I unreasonable?

Most likely, your emotions will be higher than normal during a divorce or custody case. So, you will be tempted to make unreasonable decisions. You can ask your lawyer whether you are being unreasonable or not, and see if they will tell you the truth. This should show you how good the attorney’s advice is.

4. What are your clients like in general?

It may seem a bit strange to ask an attorney this question, but it can help you decide if this is the lawyer you need. If the usual clients of the lawyer are rich people and you’re someone who barely has money to live a happy life, you may want to look for another specialist.

5. Will you be the only one working on my case?

Even if you are talking to a lawyer about your case, they may not be the only one working on it. If it’s a more complicated case, they will get other paralegals and associates to help them. So, you should ask to see whether this will add to the price and whether these people are experienced.

Hiring a law attorney is something you should take seriously. Thus, take your time and ask these questions before hiring a lawyer so that you can pick the right one.

Story by Tiberiu Iavorenciuc

Best 5 questions to ask a family law attorney before hiring