California Employment Law Firm Davtyan Law Firm Opens San Francisco Office, Adding to Los Angeles, San Diego Locations

DLaw handles any pitfall an employee might run into at work, including wage and hours claims, workplace harassment and discrimination, wrongful termination, protected leave violations, and workplace retaliation, among other misgivings.

DLaw has helped hundreds of thousands of low-wage employees from California recover nearly $150 million from their employers ever since its inception in 2015. The firm has over 50 lawyers and staff whove helped employees pursue more than 1,800 cases, a large percentage of which have even led to class action lawsuits. Today, DLaws attorneys bring nearly 50 years of combined employment law practicing experience to California employees.

DLaws San Francisco office is located at 580 California Street in Suite #1200.

Weve made it our mission to embrace and empower hourly and low-wage workers across California, and we are doubling down on that goal by opening our third office,” said Emil Davtyan, an employment lawyer and the founder of DLaw. The stigma around employment law needs to be shredded. I encourage anyone who feels theyve been dealt a bad hand to reach out to our legal experts and get free legal advice from our firm.”

DLaw specializes in the following fields of employment law:

  • Wage & Hours Claims — California has strict laws regarding the amounts that workers must be paid and how many hours they can work. These laws change frequently and can be confusing.
  • Workplace Harassment & Discrimination — Employers are not allowed to take negative actions based on certain protected classes such as race, age, and gender. In addition, California protects more classes including immigration status, language, and others.
  • Wrongful Termination — There are several types of wrongful termination including discrimination, contract violations, sexual harassment, and workplace retaliation.
  • Protected Leave Violations — California employees are entitled to a variety of protected leaves including FMLA (family and medical leave), new parent leaves, military service leave, and more. Californias leave laws protect employees from unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation as a result of requesting or taking protected leave. Employees have a right to take these kinds of leaves, and employers cannot take certain actions just because they exercised that right.
  • Workplace Retaliation — Workplace retaliation occurs when a business takes negative action against the employee who initially filed a complaint. If an employer punishes or fires an employee for exercising his or her employment rights, it is considered workplace retaliation and it may be illegal.

Visit or call DLaw for a free legal consultation and case evaluation at (650) 963-7187 or email [email protected].

CONTACT: Emily Johnston, [email protected]

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California Employment Law Firm Davtyan Law Firm Opens San Francisco Office, Adding to Los Angeles, San Diego Locations

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