Family Law TV show: What is the series and how to watch on 9Now

When you’ve binged every episode of the new shows you’ve been hooked on it can feel almost impossible to find something else to watch.

So, if you’re stuck in a TV rut and looking for something to get into before the festive season really kicks in, we’ve got the perfect show for you: Family Law.

Stream every episode of Family Law free on 9Now.

The Canadian drama series explores themes of family, alcoholism and finding yourself again after an embarrassing mistake.

It kicks off with Abigail Bianchi (played by Jewel Staite) waking up in her car, very late for court.

Abigail wakes up in her car, hungover and very late to represent her client in court. (9Now)

She’s not going there for herself, she’s actually a lawyer, and her client is there without any representation. She staggers in, hungover, stumbling in her high heels and trying to pull herself together. It isn’t long before she throws up in the lap of her client — it’s clear she’s hit rock bottom.

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The series follows Abigail, who after the embarrassing incident in court, is now a recovering alcoholic.

But after hitting rock bottom in such a public way, she’s only got one option if she wants to work again. Abigail’s only choice is her estranged father, Harry Svensson (played by Victor Garber), and he’s got a long list of conditions along with the ones that have been imposed on her by the court. If she messes up again, she’s going to get disbarred.

Family Law TV series
After vomiting on her client, Abigail hits rock bottom. (9Now)

While it’s hard enough to juggle working for your estranged dad, Abigail also learns she’ll be working alongside her half-siblings Daniel Svensson (Zach Smadu) and Lucy Svensson (Genelle Williams).

On top of that she’s never worked in family law before and she’s got to manage her clients’ family dysfunction along with her own.

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Abigail is thrown right in the deep end of things from her first day and if that’s anything to go by, she’s in for a rough few months trying to stay sober.

Family Law, Victor Garber, Jewel Staite
Abigail is forced to go back to work with her estranged dad, the only one who will give her a chance. (9Now)

With just 10 episodes Season 1 is an easy binge and it’ll suck you in from the start. Abigail’s own messy life just gets worse while meeting her estranged family and she’s got to figure out how to make it work quick.

You can watch every episode from Season 1 for free on 9Now.

In May 2021, before the show had premiered, Global announced that it had already renewed Family Law for a second season.

Stream every episode of Family Law free on 9Now.