Frame & Frame Treats Clients Like Family

By Haley Weisgerber

People often say not to mix family and business, but at Frame & Frame Attorneys at Law, working with family and treating clients like family is just part of what makes the firm so special.

Vernon Frame started the firm in 1954. An insurance adjuster by day, Vernon attended law school at night so he could better serve the community.

“He would help anybody who came in the door,” said his daughter, Tara Frame. “Whatever legal problem they had, he was available to help.”

Tara knew she would follow in her father’s footsteps from a young age.

“I can remember being around 3 years old and going into the office with him and pretending to be his secretary,” said Tara. “It was just kind of always a given for me. That’s what I wanted to do from when I was very young.”

She became an attorney in 1995 and in 1996, she left the Baltimore firm she was working at and joined her father. Tara took over in 2002 when Vernon retired at the age of 80. Now, she has stayed true to her father’s original vision and provides support for community members in need.

“We really take the time to get to know our clients,” said Tara. “I feel like, especially in this day and age, a lot of other attorneys don’t necessarily do that as well as we do.”

That philosophy has paid off, and Frame & Frame has developed a loyal clientele and gets a lot of referral business.

“I think we really treat our clients as part of the family,” said Tara. “To this day, I represent children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of my dad’s clients. I treat everyone as I would treat my family with the same respect and courtesy.”

The four attorneys and six support staff members at Frame & Frame are also a family.

“I love my team,” said Tara. “I love coming into work and seeing them and working with them.”

Hiring new attorneys has allowed Frame & Frame to not only expand to include four locations in Pasadena, Annapolis, Frederick and Stevensville but also to grow in the services offered. Tara said her fellow attorneys, Erica Redmond, Veronica Zoberbier and Richard Adams, as well as her loyal and talented staff, are to thank.

“They have enabled us to really offer and deliver more quality service to people that we might not be able to otherwise,” said Tara.

Frame & Frame started as a firm focused on general practices like bankruptcy, divorce, estate planning and so much more. Now, Frame & Frame focuses on five areas — estate planning, elder law, probate, family law and personal injury — to better serve its clients. Staff additions have allowed Fame & Frame to help people with special needs planning, Medicaid planning and LGBTQ planning.

“We promise to give them a great client experience,” said Tara. “We promise to be a trusted advisor and resource for them, for themselves, and their families.”

Tara said the close-knit community is perfect for this firm because of the commitment to helping as many people as they can. As the firm grows and that community expands, Frame & Frame stays true to its mission of treating everyone like a family and with dignity.

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