Indiana rape law loophole should be closed by General Assembly

When buying a baby gift recently, I stumbled onto some boys’ onesies with such sayings on them as “Mr. Steal-Your-Girl,” “Flirting My Way to the Top” and even “I’ve been deeper in your wife than you’ll ever be.”

And people wonder why the rape culture is alive and well in our nation.

Then again, the fact that rape culture thrives in pop culture is, sadly, not all that shocking. As those onesies demonstrate, it’s all around us. What is shocking is that our lawmakers allow the rape culture to persist in our laws.

It’s true: Because our state doesn’t have a statute defining consent, “no” doesn’t mean “no” in the eyes of Indiana law. Sex without consent isn’t a crime unless the victim can prove that there was use of force, threat of force, or incapacitation. Saying “no” clearly and undeniably? Not enough.