Kendra Robinson takes on Law, Real Estate and Reality TV

By | August 4, 2023
Kendra Robinson takes on Law, Real Estate and Reality TV

As is often the case in the worlds of reality television and social media, so much emphasis is often placed on the superficial: jewelry, hair, clothes, etc.

However, one would be doing himself or herself an injustice if they attempted to relegate Kendra Robinson to being just a reality television star. Doing so would only be scratching the surface.

The Clinton, South Carolina-native has committed to a level of personal and professional excellence that is almost unheard of in the world of entertainment.

Kendra Robinson began her professional ascension by graduating from Kentucky State University with a degree in pure mathematics. She then completed her law degree at the University of Louisville.

Her family’s support and influence has always played a significant role in her upbringing. So, it was no surprise that Kendra Robinson developed a passion for practicing law based, in part, on time spent watching episodes of “Law & Order” with her mother. But an even bigger inspiration was her need to fight against the racial injustices she witnessed growing up in South Carolina, as well as protecting the rights of people in her community.

Kendra Robinson currently serves as a real estate closing attorney and criminal defense attorney. Given the level of career satisfaction she is currently experiencing, she is confident that she chose the right calling.

“[It’s] one of the most rewarding things I’ve done,” Kendra Robinson said about being a lawyer. “I’ve been able to advocate for people who look like me, and people who don’t look like me. People who need my voice, because they don’t have a voice.”

Lawyer, real estate closing attorney and reality TV star Kendra Robinson (Photo Credit: Craig Allen Brown/The Atlanta Voice).

Along with serving as an attorney, Kendra Robinson also chose to delve into real estate, at the behest of her then-boyfriend (and current husband) Jasiel Robinson, who is better known as Grammy-nominated rapper Yung Joc.

Because she was already a lawyer, and now a certified real estate agent, she learned how to do real estate closings and title work. The additional income was important, but she took on these new roles because she wanted more control over outcomes surrounding home ownership. In essence, she wanted to eliminate the middleman.

Kendra Robinson’s work ethic has resulted in the formation of not one, but two successful businesses: SRS Title and Associates, and her law firm: Kendra Robinson and Associates.

As successful as Kendra Robinson has been during her relatively young career, she remains humble and grounded. She asserts that God is her motivation, and it just would not have happened without Him.

“I give all glory and credit to God,” Kendra Robinson said. “I’m not self-made. I didn’t do it all by myself. It was God.

“The best part is the impact that I know that I’ve been able to make, just simply by trying to help somebody or trying to put somebody in a better position, whether it’s to get them out of a criminal situation, an immigration situation, or helping them close on a house,” she continued. “Providing them with that long term security of home ownership, and the benefits that come with that. Basically, changing people around me for the better has been my highlight.”

When it comes to the wildly successful “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta,” Kendra Robinson was initially not interested in being on the show. Understandably, she was nervous about how she would be perceived. But after a long talk with Jasiel Robinson, she changed her mind. Kendra Robinson believes that once you’re outside of your comfort zone, you are now where success tends happen.

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has been a good experience overall for Kendra Robinson. She now feels that she’s got the hang of starring on reality television. That means not allowing the show to serve as a hindrance when the camera stops rolling. She is committed to the idea of not allowing the show, and its often-volatile situations, to have a negative effect on her relationship with her huisband. This approach is a far cry from the feelings of nausea she would often experience when she first joined the cast.  

Kendra Robinson admits that she was a fan of the show before appearing on it. After successfully completing multiple seasons of the show, she states that she now really enjoys it; it doesn’t even feel like work.

“My absolute favorite moment on set was when I got proposed to,” Kendra Robinson said. “I was so happy. I was shocked.”

Kendra Robinson has effectively created a blueprint for those who have aspirations beyond what they do well, or what they are comfortable with. She’s demonstrated that faith in God, support from our families and a commitment to professional excellence can make almost any goal obtainable.

Kendra Robinson takes on Law, Real Estate and Reality TV