Kentucky to celebrate family law reforms by donning yellow during Shared Parenting Day April 26

The color yellow will be donned across the state of Kentucky on Tuesday, April 26 in celebration of Shared Parenting Day. Shared Parenting Day has been formally declared by lawmakers in Kentucky, Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, and South Dakota.

“In the footsteps of Kentucky’s historic shared parenting law passed in 2018, I’m so excited that Kentucky officially recognizes April 26 as Shared Parenting Day. This is day of pride and celebration for the family law reforms that have helped so many children and families in our state,” said Matt Hancock, Chair, Kentucky Executive Committee of National Parents Organization. “While we’re excited for what we’ve accomplished so far, the Kentucky Executive Committee of NPO will continue to fight for more reforms that best suit the children of our state.”

The date is significant as the country’s first shared parenting law was passed by lawmakers in Kentucky on April 26, 2018. The change-making efforts in the Bluegrass State were spearheaded by National Parents Organization (NPO), a nonprofit committed to transforming the norms of shared parenting nationwide, along with dozens of advocates, volunteers, and support groups across the state.

“Shared parenting laws should be standard in all 50 states. So far, three states have reached that goal – Kentucky, Arkansas, and West Virginia. We look forward to adding more states to that list in the coming years as we diligently educate lawmakers on the benefits of shared parenting,” said Matt Hale, NPO board member and advocate from Kentucky who created the nation’s first Shared Parenting Day celebration in 2019. “We are advocating for similar laws presuming or considering 50/50 custody for children whose parents are separated or divorced in every single state,” he added.

Yellow was chosen as the official color of Shared Parenting Day for its ability to portray optimism, happiness, and joy. These are the same emotions that parents have felt as states begin to show support for shared parenting laws.

Kentucky’s NPO chapter works closely with NPO at the national level to raise awareness about the importance of shared parenting legislation in Kentucky and across the country. Our group of volunteers are all parents and/or children who have been a part of situations where shared parenting was the best option, so we are very passionate about continuing to spread awareness and advocate for Kentucky families. To learn more about the organization’s efforts, visit

Kentucky Chapter of National Parents Organization