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Emily Parkin

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Paul and Vicki Averill to Mason Lown, 1537 and 1539 Kane St., $142,400.

Kristopher Miller to Fredrick and Jenna Krueger, 2201 Liberty St. and 801 Hayes ST., $87,000.

Christopher Cogbill to Elizabeth Cogbill, 423 14th St. S.

Gretchen Newberry to Nolan Fuchsteiner, 2314 Winnebago St., $182,000.

Sigurd Gundersen Jr., Sigurd Gundersen Jr. Estate and Nathan Skemp to Sigurd Gundersen III, Elizabeth Hynes, Ingri Lombardi, Theresa Meader, the Public and Avery Springer.

Charlene Gundersen and Nathan Skemp to Gundersen Family Revocable Trust and the Public, 1000 US Highway 14/61.

Lisa Desmond to Daniel and Nicole Roberts, 225 26th Place N., $283,000.

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SHRXRE LLC and Luke Soper to Sara Remes and Grant Soper, 1801 and 1803 Ferry St., $211,000.

Joseph Johnson to Johnson Property Investments LLC, 616 Ninth St., 703 and 705 Market St., 1506 and 1508 Johnson St., 1442 and 1444 Redfield St., 3133 and 3135 Scarlett Drive.

Great River Homes LLC to David Hermann and Amanda Ortega, 6025 River Run Road, $362,100.

Drew Kozicki to David Edwards and Amanda Rousemiller, 2212 13th St. S., $179,550.

Cindy Calderon to Carolyn and Vicki Amundson, 1321 Main St., $383,000.

Matthew Teachout to Brittany Culpitt, 1488 Redfield St., $155,100.

Dynamic Property Management LLC to E&E Property Investments LLC, 1404 Green Bay St., $520,000.


David and Judith Pralle to David and Judith Pralle, 1225 Beverly Drive.

Daniel and Susan Rentschler to Krysta Sunne, 611 Birch St., $223,000.

Betty and Eugene Linse to Taylor Hoesley and Eugene Linse, 1026 La Crosse St., $66,850.

Courtney Garrels and Andrew Lindseth to Charlotte Muetzelburg and Theodore Silha, 821 East Ave. N., $228,000.

M&C Huber Irrevocable Trust to Elizabeth Huber, 200 10th Ave. S., $208,000.

Douglas Rauterkus to Douglas and Suzanne Rauterkus, 933 Park Place.

Edward and Tamie Hansen to Cami and Jonathan Haley, 1021 Lauderdale N., $420,000.

Yuanjie Wu and Xinhua Zhang to Yuanjie Wu, 250 Kevin Court.

Yuanjie Wu to Guokun Li and Yuanjie Wu, 250 Kevin Court.

Logistics Development Group LLC to Christopher and Jodi Flach, $82,500.


Jason Kleinsasser to Evrod Jarrett, $305,000.

Dale and Jane Eppler Revocable Living Trust to Christopher Williams, $365,000.

Magnum Opus Investments LLC to Joshua and Mindy Fulsebakke, $460,000.

Towner Construction Limited Liability Co. to Eric and Marlene Sather, $432,500.

Carl Jr. and Wendy Pregel to Som Chai Lee and Xong Vue, $316,000.WEST SALEM

Dart LLC to Ean Hesselberg.

Sharon Holven to Kelli and Thomas Herbert, $245,000.

Mark and Tina Cannon to Danielle Hunter, $225,000.

Rudolph Bahr Jr. to Rudolph Bahr Jr. and Carla Dvorak, $103,000.


Andrea and Ryan Martin to Derrick and Katie Schillinger, $150,000.


David and Tammy Cornell Revocable Living Trust to David and Tammy Cornell.

David and Tammy Cornell to David and Tammy Cornell Revocable Living Trust.

Donna and Larry Mikshowsky to Elaine and Francis Clements, $1,500.


Kristi and Lonnie Nystrom to Felicity Lexow and Alexander Scray, $211,000.

Paula Phillips to Spencer Lewison, $202,500.


Leann Kramer to Sarah and Travis Kramer.

Danielle Page to Danielle Page Revocable Trust.


Sandra Pelishek to Tricia Aleckson, Gina Armstrong and Lisa Gantner.

Dustin and Lindsey Harnden to Aaron and April Schwarz, $400,000.

Chad Hemker to Chad and Melissa Hemker.

EJH LLC to Evan Hesselberg.


Bauer Estates LLC to Scott Tyler, $169,900.

Crystal Seiler to Matthew Seiler.

Glen and Julie Reckner to Mitchel Anhalt and Amber Wichlacz, $529,300.

Hidden Prairie LLC to Jamie and Malissa Gomez, $74,500.


Alex Einerwold to Emily Doherty.


Kathleen and Robert Patros to Robert Patros.

Kleinsasser Brothers Construction LLC to Ann and Duanne Swift, $469,900.

Paul Kunert to Nichole Mathison and Chad Moldenhauer, $60,000.

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