La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, May 8 | Home & Garden

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


John Oliver Estate to Gail Dix, 2011 Madison St.

Patricia Seubert to Sandra McAnany, 5135 33rd St. S., $201,900.

MEGAO Metro Holdings LLC to Michael Dhondt, 943 Farnam St.

Philip Gelatt Living Trust to Sara Sampey and Brett Verlennich, 518 Losey Blvd. N., $285,000.

Maxwell, Sarah and Wayne Reynolds to Charmaine and Lisa Nicks, 1726 Wood St., $172,000.

Timothy Grant to Tanya Peiffer, 1827 Adams St., $180,000.

Justin and Krystal Young to RPA Property Solutions LLC, 1416 20th St. S.

Brett White to Cali Streif, 617 Liberty St., $43,450.

Gregory Hakomaki to Sandra Hakomaki, 3633 Mormon Coulee Road.

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RPA Property Solutions LLC to Britney Hoffman and Austin Lucey, 1416 20th St. S., $195,000.

Richard and Sharon Sprain to Brian Sprain and Amy Watson, 1615 29th St. S.

Emily and Wade Crook to Benjamin and Dione Stepanek, 115 20th St. S., $235,000.

Bluff City Properties LLC to Lauren Lockington and Elliott Mitby-Strand, 2902 22nd St. S., $152,000.

RWR Properties LLC to Bean Investments LLC, 922 Charles St., $3,400,000.

Keppel Revocable Trust to Elizabeth Reimer, 846 Vista Count N., $205,000.

Kelly Jacobson to Kelly Jacobson and Brian Wilson, 2208 Kane St., $49,400.

Glenn Gossfeld Estate to Ariana Gossfeld and Arlys Whitaker, 621 15th St. S.

Bullseye Property Investments LLC to Higher House Properties LLC, 1014, 1016 and 1018 Fifth Ave. S., $162,000.

Judith Thompson to Mary and Steven Christian, 3470 Woodbridge Court, $275,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Johna and Terry Schulz, 6215 and 6217 River Run Road, $366,600.

Kimberly and Victor Towne to Aaron Fox, 2138 George St. and 1212 Hayes St., $185,000.

Earl Knothe Estate to Rafe Watkins, 1822 Avon St., $146,000.

Melanie and Robert Pendleton to Karen and David Ripley II, 238 17th St. S., $425,000.

Jennifer and Robert Major to Katie and William Favre, 112 17th St. S., $260,000.

Benjamin and Diane Helke Living Trust to David and Sandra Schroeder, 6319 and 6321 Linwood Court, $150,000.

William Peden to Brandon Balfanz, 1927 Wood St., $55,000.

Spies Construction LLC to Susan and William Dworschak, 1715 Wisconsin Court, $278,872.

John Schleifer to Christopher Schleifer, $61,000.

Paul Schams to Kevin and Patricia Adams, 1605 Nakomis Ave., $675,000.

Justin Ionita to Amy Debauche, 1368 Nakomis Ave., $236,000.

John Ruud to John Ruud Revocable Trust, 1035 Zeisler St.

Daniel and Victoria Steinhoff to Abdul Cole, 2915 29th Court S., $225,000.

Everett and Rebekah Menore to David Schwalbach, 3224 33rd St. S., $175,000.

Amanda and Lon Ellingsen to Jessie and Stephen Randtke, 1627 Green Bay St., $199,000.


Megan and Michael Smith to Susan Greer, 950 Bethanne Place., $251,000.

Donna Holtz to Julie Deyo, 457 Fourth Ave. N., $143,000.

Karin and Peter Peterson to Sarah Peterson-Law, 1023 Wilson St., $130,000.

KBL Rentals LLC to Cynthia and Paul Lien, 132 and 136 17th Ave. N., $150,000.

Mary Stockel Revocable Trust to Lynn Pockat, 1028 Whispering Winds Place, $238,400.

Dana and Lorie Fredrickson to Chien-Hung Hsieh and Ching-Yin Hsu, 517 Stonebridge Ave., $460,000.

A&C Palmer Trust to Patricia and Ronald Fortney, 624 Country Club Lane, $675,000.

David and Sabrina Wilson to Carla and Jason Stanton, 924 12th Ave. S., $100,000.


B&B Land Development II LLC to George Glanzer, $54,900.


JR Sand Lake LLC to JKC Construction LLC, $89,900.

Joanna Grochowski to Emily and Wade Crook, $355,000.

Jr Sand Lake LLC to River Valley Ventures LLC, $64,900.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Moore & Moore Renovating and Construction Inc., $64,900.

Courtney Thompson to Aron Thompson.

JR Sand Lake LLC to Devan and Elizabeth Johnson, $90,000.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Mandip and Randhir Virk, $59,900.

Rebecca Traynor to Amanda Brandt, $360,000.

Oliver and Patricia Smith Joint Revocable Trust to Peggy Way, $327,000.

Jason and Kara Berger to Dena Millis, $445,000.


Robert Schneider to Daniel Schneider.

Daniel and Timothy Schneider to Three Brothers Ventures LLC.

David and Delores Taylor to Rebecca and Elias Deharo Jr., $185,400.

Kay and Richard Petry, West Bowl Inc. to J. Slusser LLC, $1,500,000.

Lori Sage Estate to Andrew and Melissa Marshall, $300,000.

Seven River Properties LLC to Goehner Investments LLC, $305,000.


Danna and Vincent Johnson to Ecoponic Farms LLC, $113,850.


Christopher and Jodi Brueggeman to Blake and Cassie Sjoberg, $280,000.

Pamela Day and Barbara Resheske to Christa and Joseph Weber, $187,650.

Divine Timing LLC to Isaac Bauer, $255,000.


Jason Prinz to Breanna and Daniel Plunkett, $72,000.

Melbourne Prinz Estate to Peggy Prinz Estate.

Peggy Prinz Estate to Troy Dedei, $330,000.


Anna Klusendorf to Anna Klusendorf and Samuel Shilts.

Benjamin and Heidi Leibl to Jennifer Berger and Daniel Zibrowski, $302,000.

Gavaghan LLC to Bryana and Joshua Alameida, $72,500.

Andre and Susan Cieslicki to Andre and Susan Cieslicki.

Gavaghan LLC to David and Lisa Sather, $95,000.

Gavaghan LLC to Stephanie and Todd Campbell, $94,000.


Michael and Sandra Bruce to Tiffany McCorkle, $430,000.