Law roundup: Police hop to it to help frog in traffic stop

A tow truck was called in during a traffic stop and someone requested a frog in the front seat of the vehicle be taken to the shelter. Kalispell Police Department took the frog in until someone was available to take possession of it. The frog was eventually returned.

A woman driving a white Cadillac was reportedly traveling at about 65 mph northbound on U.S. 93 and swerving between lanes, almost hitting another vehicle before parking. Officers counseled the elderly woman about her reckless driving and informed her on “how to stop for officers.”

A homeless person was allegedly being harassed by three to four occupants in a black Dodge Charger who kept driving by and yelling derogatory things. The individual said this had been going on for days. Officers spoke with the “youngster’s mom” and she planned to take care of it.

A woman claimed an individual was harassing her on Facebook through fake profiles including one where they impersonated an attorney. She was given information on obtaining a temporary restraining order and how to report fake Facebook accounts.

A confused caller dialed 911 asking if they reached a health care company and when they reached dispatchers, said, “Thank you, goodbye,” and hung up.

A tool set was reported stolen from a man’s truck bed.

A super intoxicated man in a brown leather coat allegedly tried to get into a woman’s vehicle while she was in the car. She was able to lock the door before he gained entry. Officers counseled the man about his behavior.

A welfare check was requested for a thin man in a black jacket who was reportedly stumbling around on a trail off the east side of U.S. 93. When officers spoke to the man, who had a prescription in his hand, he said he was on his way home, sat down and collapsed. An ambulance was called.

A Ford Ranger with a “drunk guy” inside reportedly rolled back and almost hit another vehicle in a parking lot.

A woman allegedly tracked her stolen work phone to a location and asked someone to give it back, but they said they didn’t have it. The phone continued moving on her tracker and she was advised to stay put and not follow the phone.

A vehicle was reportedly driving “extremely fast” and swerving.

A man wearing a red hat facing backward, allegedly tried to break into two cars in a parking lot after doing his laundry. He reportedly ran off with a bag from a black pickup when confronted.

Two girls reportedly stole a cart full of stuff and left in an older red Chevy pickup.