New York City Family Law Attorney Ryan Besinque Explains Family Law in New York

By | October 27, 2023
New York City Family Law Attorney Ryan Besinque Explains Family Law in New York

New York City family law attorney Ryan Besinque ( releases a new article that explains what family law means in New York. The lawyer mentions that there are many challenges that families have to go through over the course of their lifetime. Many of these challenges may require the skills and guidance of a family law attorney.

According to the New York City family law attorney, “Each family has its own unique set of emotional and financial concerns, especially as they relate to conflicts surrounding a divorce. Family law is that area of the law that deals with family-related issues and conflicts that occur between couples and their family members, including divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and other situations that may arise between a couple.”

New York City family law attorney

The lawyer explains that having a family lawyer is not always necessary, however, in most cases, it is important to have one to ensure that the client’s interests and those of their family are respected.

Attorney Ryan Besinque also adds that both parents are responsible for the financial support of their child in New York. Many people think that for shared custody, parents don’t need to pay child support to each other but this is not the case. When parents share custody, the primary parent will typically receive child support payments. And in cases where the child spends equal time with both parents, the parent who earns more usually pays the lower earner.

In the article, attorney Ryan Besinque says that a couple can still come to an agreement outside of the typical scenarios when it comes to child support. This is why it is important for a divorcing couple to know their legal rights and responsibilities before agreeing to anything.

Furthermore, the lawyer says that family law covers a lot of different practice areas. These practice areas include contested and uncontested divorce, visitation agreements, parenting agreements, custody modifications, NYC child support, sole child custody, legal separation, domestic violence, and prenuptial agreements.

Lastly, attorney Besinque emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to family law matters. An experienced attorney may be able to help the client make guided decisions towards a favorable outcome.

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