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Judge rejects plea deal for father and son in federal case over Ahmaud Arbery’s murder

A U.S. District Court judge rejected on Monday a plea deal that would have allowed the white Georgia man and his father convicted in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery to serve a large part of their sentences in federal prison. Judge Lisa Godbey Wood’s decision to turn down Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael’s plea agreements… Read More »

Defendant in Ahmaud Arbery killing asked for plea deal, Arbery family attorney says

An attorney for one of the three men on trial in the death of Ahmaud Arbery sought a plea deal for his client, but was swiftly turned down by prosecutors, an attorney for Arbery’s mother said. Kevin Gough sought the deal Thursday for William “Roddie” Bryan, according to Lee Merritt, who represents Arbery’s mother, Wanda… Read More »

Self-Defense Claims in Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery Cases Are Interrogated

As two closely watched murder trials played out in two different states this past week, juries heard strikingly similar stories: men took up guns in the name of protecting the public, and when they wound up killing unarmed people, they claimed self-defense. In one case, Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot two men and wounded a third… Read More »