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Seller Beware? Proposed “Cooling-Off Period” Will Allow Buyers of Residential Real Estate in B.C. to Walk Away | Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

[o-author: Gabrielle Guarino, Articling student] Purchasers of residential real property in British Columbia (B.C.) may soon benefit from a statutory “cooling-off period” — to be known as the Homebuyer Protection Period — under changes to the Property Law Act (British Columbia) introduced by the province on March 28, 2022. If brought into force, Bill 12… Read More »

Can real estate disclosure laws protect buyers from the supernatural?

Home Web First Can real estate disclosure laws protect buyers… Real Estate & Property Law Can real estate disclosure laws protect buyers from the supernatural? By Matt Reynolds October 28, 2021, 2:47 pm CDT Illustration by Sara Wadford/ABA Journal. Real estate agent Nancy Blaker Weber is no stranger to old ghost stories swirling around a… Read More »

Home buyers who skip inspections in a competitive market can later find costly surprises

The woman had just bought a house an investor flipped in Montgomery County. She skipped a home inspection to compete against other buyers and, a couple months ago, she asked inspector Ben Poles to take a look. As part of his usual examination, Poles, who owns Rest Assured Inspections in Pottstown, filled up the tub… Read More »

Some Home Buyers Turn to Alternative Financing as Other Options Dwindle

Millions of American home shoppers have taken on risky and generally more costly alternative financing, in part because even creditworthy buyers may have trouble finding traditional mortgages for lower-priced properties, new research suggests. One in 15 current home borrowers, or about seven million Americans, uses alternative financing, including arrangements in which they make payments directly… Read More »