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California lets private citizens enforce state labor laws. The Supreme Court might put an end to that

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case this month that could prevent many Californians from taking their employers to court on claims that they violated state labor laws, such as paying minimum wages and requirements for overtime, meal and rest breaks. Most large companies, in their employment contracts, require workers to take those disputes… Read More »

SADC Governments Crafting Cyber Laws That Infringe on Citizens, says Professor

HARARE —  A prominent professor studying communication in Namibia says member countries in the 16-nation Southern African Development Community, or SADC, have enacted and drafted cybersecurity laws which infringe on citizens’ freedom of expression. Zimbabwe is one of the southern African nations that critics say has drafted strict cybersecurity laws in the region — awaiting… Read More »

Campaign to keep citizens, law enforcement, safe during traffic stops | News

Raymond E. Green has an important message for all drivers. His “The Proper Citizen Behavior Stop Guide” is a behavioral program to educate people on proper citizen behavior during a traffic stop by law enforcement, in an effort to deter bad habits and criminal behavior, and protect both citizens and law enforcement. The slogan for… Read More »