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New CA labor laws for 2022 on warehouse, wage theft, COVID

A first-in-the-nation law to regulate quotas in warehouses. A ban on nondisclosure agreements in workplace harassment and discrimination lawsuits. An easier pathway to becoming barbers and hairstylists. California workers and businesses will have those laws and more to abide by as the new year rolls around. Last year was “kind of a down year” when… Read More »

Why telling a cop you have Covid in New Jersey could get you 10 years in prison | Coronavirus

Deja Lewis was walking down a sidewalk in Salem, New Jersey, in the early, frightening days of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, when she was stopped by police. Lewis, 28, was arrested on warrants related to failure to pay traffic tickets, and an incident in which she “escaped” from a police vehicle. She had… Read More »

Family Law Litigation in Pennsylvania; What Hath Covid Wrought? | Fox Rothschild LLP

We try to keep tracks of trends in family law. 2020 was, for many reasons, an unusual year but some trends are continuing when we reviewed the statistic survey published by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts. Recall that in 2020, Pennsylvania was pretty much closed from March 15 until the first week in June… Read More »