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New York Explicitly Makes It a Crime to Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law a measure that makes falsifying COVID-19 vaccination cards a crime. The measure (S.4516-C/A.7536-B), referred to as the “Truth in Vaccination” law, takes effect immediately. The law makes it a class D felony to falsify COVID-19 vaccine cards, by amending the legal definition of a “written instrument” in… Read More »

The Essential Advocate, Philippe Sands Makes the Case for a New International Crime Called Ecocide

BRUSSELS—Philippe Sands steps off his train at Brussels’ Midi station and sees a familiar face amidst a flurry of passengers.  The British lawyer is flush with energy, despite being at the tail end of a week-long visit with clients on the island nation of Mauritius. His casual black jacket, navy blue scarf and black boots… Read More »

Crime rates in California, San Diego rise from pandemic lows

SAN DIEGO — San Diego is prominently featured in a new study highlighting California’s rise in both property and violent crimes in 2021, though policy experts note that overall crime rates are similar to pre-pandemic levels. The analysis from the Public Policy Institute of California comes during a time of increased scrutiny on crime in… Read More »

A Plea to Make Widespread Environmental Damage an International Crime Takes Center Stage at The Hague

The campaign to make ecocide an international crime took center stage in the Hague on Tuesday as Bangladesh, Samoa and Vanuatu advocated criminalizing environmental destruction during a virtual forum at the annual meeting of the International Criminal Court’s 123 member nations.  The forum, attended by more than 1,300 individual participants, represented a collective cry for… Read More »

Vigilante Hacking: Where True Crime, Ethical Hacking, and Cyber Law Collide

Occasionally there is a major intersection of several topics that are of interest to me, which makes that combination fascinating. Such is the case when true crime fanaticism, the law, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity meet in a collision known as vigilante hacking. Crowdsourcing and Ethical Hacking to Support Law Enforcement I am quite sure, at… Read More »