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DRE Hot Seat: Criminal misconduct a willful disregard of real estate law

This article is part of an ongoing series covering violations of real estate law. Here, the Department of Real Estate (DRE) revoked the California real estate license of a broker who received a felony sentence for burglarizing a home. In October 2021, the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) decided by default decision to revoke… Read More »

Indianapolis-area state senators target criminal justice system with new bills

Republican legislators on Thursday introduced a spate of new bills targeting the criminal justice system in the Indianapolis area and across Indiana. Five Republican state senators representing parts of Marion County are taking aim at bail and electronic monitoring policies, and pushing for greater inter-agency cooperation and extra funding. Overall violent crime in Indianapolis is… Read More »

To Solve Violence Against Women, We Need More Than Just Criminal Law Reforms

The 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape saw unprecedented public mobilisation on the issue of violence against women (VAW) in India. Soon after, the Union government enacted the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013, which expanded the definition of rape and introduced mandatory minimum punishments. Subsequent incidents of rape that received a lot of publicity have only led… Read More »

EU criminal law must pave way for better environmental protection, NGOs demand

Commission must fix EU criminal law and ensure environmental crimes such as wildlife trade, waste dumping, illegal hunting and fishing, unlawful logging and mining no longer go unpunished.  Brussels, 13 December 2021 – Tomorrow, the European Commission is expected to publish a proposal for  the revision of the Environmental Crime Directive. The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) welcomes the initiative… Read More »

Unjust Revenue from an Imbalanced Criminal Legal System: How Georgia’s Fines and Fees Worsen Racial Inequity

Key Takeaways: Georgia’s poor governance of fines and fees revenue practices has allowed many economically underperforming localities to over-rely on fines and fees revenue, significantly contributing to Georgia having the highest probation rate in the country. Of the more than 430,000 Georgians who were on probation in 2018, nearly 40 percent of them were on… Read More »

Executive Order on Improving Public Safety and Criminal Justice for Native Americans and Addressing the Crisis of Missing or Murdered Indigenous People

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order as follows: Section 1.  Policy.  The safety and well-being of all Native Americans is a top priority for my Administration.  My Administration will work hand in hand with Tribal Nations and Tribal partners to… Read More »