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Here’s what you should know about the latest student loan pause extension | Personal Finance

The pursuit of higher education has been an integral step in achieving the American Dream since James Truslow Adams coined the phrase in 1931. He defined the American Dream as the hope for “a better, richer and happier life for all our citizens of every rank.” Collectively, though, people in the United States have racked… Read More »

California’s Latest OSHA Updates for October 2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 The October edition of the Essentials marks the end of California’s legislative session. As a helpful summary for employers, we have outlined key provisions of the new California employment laws for 2022: MOST SIGNIFICANT, GENERALLY APPLICABLE CHANGE SB – 331 — Prohibitions in Settlement Agreements For agreements entered into on or… Read More »

Cyber law – the latest trends and issues

An update on the latest cyber issues facing public and private sector organisations, from responding to the increased risk of ransomware attacks to trends in negotiating security clauses in government and private sector contracts. As technology develops so do the methods of gaining data illegally, and with it the development of laws, regulations and contractual… Read More »

Here We Go Again! California’s Latest Crop of Employment Laws | Littler

California is at it again – adopting a host of new labor and employment laws that will further regulate and complicate business operations in the Golden State.  Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute has been tracking these bills as they worked their way through the legislature and been signed into law by Governor Newsom.  The new California… Read More »

DSU files civil rights complaint with US DOJ over Georgia traffic stop | The Latest from WDEL News

Delaware State University has formally requested the United States Department of Justice investigate possible civil rights violations during a traffic stop of the Women’s Lacrosse bus in Georgia last month. In a letter to Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke, DSU President Dr. Tony Allen said the Liberty County Police Department’s stop of… Read More »