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Ohio lawmakers looking into law that bans police officers from pulling drivers over for low-level traffic offenses

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Stopping drivers for minor infractions like tinted windows or a broken taillight has been encouraged by some police departments because it can be a pretext for stopping drivers suspected of carrying illegal weapons or narcotics, but critics say these traffic stops lead to a disproportionate number of drivers of color getting… Read More »

Philadelphia traffic stops: Mayor signs legislation making Philadelphia the first major US city to ban police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violations

The law, which passed Philadelphia’s city council last month by a 14-2 vote and has the support of the city’s police department, designates seven low-level violations for which traffic stops are prohibited, including bumper issues, minor obstructions, broken lights and a license plate that is not visible or clearly displayed. “This legislation establishes Philadelphia as… Read More »