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Employment laws in the making

Dean Harris In addition to regulatory changes already in place for 2022, state legislators have introduced measures that will affect Colorado employers if they become law. Here’s a look at just some of those bills:  House Bill 22-1216 — restrictive employment agreements. As I discussed in my column in January, Colorado ranks among the most… Read More »

Are WA traffic cameras reducing dangerous driving or making it worse?

Like the data from Bellevue, studies on traffic enforcement cameras show conflicting results, especially for red-light cameras. Some show a positive impact: reducing red-light running as much as 21% and decreasing collisions by 29%. Other researchers found a change in the type of crash, often from angle to rear-end, but no evidence the cameras reduced… Read More »

Pittsburgh City Council advances bill to prevent police from making minor traffic stops

In an effort to prevent police stops that could turn deadly for Black and brown people, Pittsburgh City Council appears poised to stop police from pulling over people for minor issues like a broken tail light or expired license plate. Council took a preliminary vote to pass the measure on Wednesday, and it received only… Read More »

Philadelphia traffic stops: Mayor signs legislation making Philadelphia the first major US city to ban police from stopping drivers for low-level traffic violations

The law, which passed Philadelphia’s city council last month by a 14-2 vote and has the support of the city’s police department, designates seven low-level violations for which traffic stops are prohibited, including bumper issues, minor obstructions, broken lights and a license plate that is not visible or clearly displayed. “This legislation establishes Philadelphia as… Read More »