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New Jersey lawmaker proposes barring minor traffic stops to combat ‘driving while Black’

But that doesn’t mean drivers would get off scot-free. Under Speight’s “contactless policing” bill, officers could not stop most drivers for offenses like broken tail lights, driving less than 30 mph over the speed limit or careless driving. Instead, those drivers would find out they’ve been cited when they get a ticket in the mail.… Read More »

Philadelphia ban on minor traffic stops goes into effect

Driving Equality Bill: Councilman explains significance of legislation Councilman Isaiah Thomas joins Good Day Philadelphia to discuss the driver equality law. PHILADELPHIA – A new law banning traffic stops for minor infractions went into effect in Philadelphia Thursday, despite recent legal challenges from the police union.  Thursday’s implementation of their Driving Equality Law made Philadelphia… Read More »

Bill could stop police traffic stops for minor violations in Oregon

Oregon legislators Monday will hold a public hearing on a bill that would require a law enforcement officer to tell a driver they can refuse a search during a traffic stop and would prohibit them from pulling someone over based solely on a minor infraction such as a broken taillight. Senate Bill 1510 takes portions of House… Read More »