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Background Press Call by a Senior Administration Official on Cybersecurity

Via Teleconference 4:33 P.M. EST MODERATOR:  Hey, everyone.  Thanks for joining us closer to the end of the day on a Friday.  So, as noted in the invite, this is a background call on cybersecurity.  I’m going to let our speaker get into more details about that. Before I turn it over to the speaker, let… Read More »

New Greek law against disinformation endangers press freedom

Ignoring the many protests from national publishers and international press freedom NGOs, including RSF, the Greek parliament approved an amendment to the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure on 11 November which – by extending the definition of “false information” and reinforcing the penalties – violates the right of journalists to disseminate information… Read More »

In the dust – The State Press

As the expungement process set up by Proposition 207 settles, legal advocates say those most impacted by marijuana policing are more likely to be left behind Photo by Nicholas Devor | The State Press A visual recreation of a criminal petition to expunge marijuana-related offense records. By Kiera Riley and Sam Ellefson | 12/01/2021 8:10pm… Read More »

‘Chilling pattern’: Pakistani journalists ‘targeted’ by cyber law | Freedom of the Press News

At least 23 journalists booked under the country’s draconian cyber-crime law in two years, according to a media rights watchdog. Islamabad, Pakistan – At least 23 Pakistani journalists have been “targeted” under the country’s draconian cyber-crime law in the last two years, establishing a “chilling pattern” of using the threat of legal action to silence… Read More »