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With Eye to Russia, Biden Administration Asks Companies to Report Cyberattacks

“A lot of the real details are going to have to be worked out in the rule-making process,” said Christopher D. Roberti, the senior vice president for cyber, intelligence and supply chain security policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The law requires the cybersecurity agency to work with companies as it determines the rules,… Read More »

What are war crimes? Definition and punishment explained as Russia accused of breaking laws in Ukraine war

Ukraine is calling for an investigation into potential war crimes committed by Russia during its invasion. The UN Human Rights Council has voted to accept Ukraine’s request to hold an urgent debate on Thursday, where a draft resolution will be considered. If it is adopted, a commission of three independent experts will investigate all alleged… Read More »

Russia Is Cracking Down on Cybercrime. Here Are the Law Enforcement Bodies Leading the Way

Recent takedowns lead to arrests On February 7 and 8, the domains of several well-known Russian-language illicit communities—Ferum Shop, Sky-Fraud, Trump Dumps, and UAS—were seized by Department K, a division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation that focuses primarily on information technology-related crimes.  In addition to seizing the domains, Russian authorities… Read More »

Exclusive: Ukraine probes deportation of children to Russia as possible genocide

More than 20 cases on forced deportation – Kyiv’s top prosecutor International law defines forced child transfers as genocide Russia says it is providing humanitarian aid to people fleeing Russia says quarter million children have arrived from Ukraine THE HAGUE, June 3 (Reuters) – Prosecutors investigating war crimes cases in Ukraine are examining allegations of… Read More »

War Crimes History: Will Russia Be Brought To Justice?

The war in Ukraine has turned very dark in ways few of us expected. Credible reports are pouring in of abuse of civilians, including torture, rape, looting, and executions (which Russia denies). Unlike many recent hostilities, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been accompanied by Vladimir Putin’s official declaration of war, phrased in the language… Read More »