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Dueling child custody bills seek to emphasize joint custody

Two dueling bills are being considered in a House committee this week that both tweak Alabama child custody law to emphasize joint custody. HB314, sponsored by Rep. Ben Robbins, R-Sylacauga, and HB364, Rep. Kenneth Paschal, R-Pelham, are very similar on a surface level. However, Paschal’s bill goes a small step further in creating a rebuttable… Read More »

Viewpoint: Biden’s NLRB, DOL seek to upend Trump-era labor laws

President Biden’s administration has its target set on business-friendly laws and regulations enacted under the Trump administration with a stated goal of becoming more employee and union friendly.   Among the regulations targeted, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) under the Biden administration is eyeing changes to its joint employer standard and its independent contractor… Read More »

Minnesota Republicans seek to limit prosecutorial discretion in charging crimes; push for tougher sentences

As Minnesota Republicans lay out their plans to reduce crime in the upcoming legislative session, legislators from the party have set out to change the policy of elected officials from outside the Capitol: County prosecutors. The GOP this year has particularly criticized Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and Ramsey County Attorney John Choi for policies… Read More »

Iowa Supreme Court rules family can seek video of 2015 police shooting

The attorney for the family of a woman killed by Burlington police in 2015 can continue his quest for video and audio records of the incident, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Thursday. Adam Klein, representing the family of Autumn Steele, had sought various records from the Burlington Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. Steele,… Read More »