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Supreme Court weighs challenge to California labor law

WASHINGTON —  The Supreme Court on Wednesday weighed an employer’s challenge to a California labor law that authorizes private attorneys to sue on behalf of thousands of workers, even if those workers had agreed to arbitrate their claims individually. The closely watched case is the latest and perhaps most important test of whether companies can shield… Read More »

Colorado Supreme Court Removes Part of Cyber-Bullying Law

(TNS) — The Colorado Supreme Court unanimously struck down part of the state’s 7-year-old cyber-bullying law Monday on the grounds that the statute limits free speech and violates both the Colorado and U.S. constitutions. The state’s harassment laws were tweaked in 2015 to strengthen protections for victims of cyber-bullying — a measure named for a… Read More »

California lets private citizens enforce state labor laws. The Supreme Court might put an end to that

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case this month that could prevent many Californians from taking their employers to court on claims that they violated state labor laws, such as paying minimum wages and requirements for overtime, meal and rest breaks. Most large companies, in their employment contracts, require workers to take those disputes… Read More »

California nominates its first Latina judge to state Supreme Court

Patricia Guerrero, a justice for the California 4th District Court of Appeal, has been nominated to serve as an associate justice of the California Supreme Court, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday. If confirmed, Guerrero would be the first Latina to serve on the California Supreme Court. “I am deeply honored by this incredible opportunity to… Read More »

Traffic camera battle heats up in Ohio Supreme Court, statehouse

Rep. Tom Patton of Strongsville has introduced seven bills in the Ohio House to restrict and regulate the use of traffic cameras. COLUMBUS, Ohio — Editor’s Note: The above video features previous reporting on traffic cameras in Northeast Ohio. The battle over traffic cameras used by Ohio communities is heating up once again. And Northeast… Read More »