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War Crimes and Genocide in Ukraine – JURIST – Commentary

Christy Shucksmith-Wesley, associate professor and senior tutor at the University of Nottingham School of Law, considers the possibility of proceedings on violations of international humanitarian law in Ukraine… After the Second World War, the International Committee of the Red Cross created new treaties to constrain the methods and means of warfare—a stark acknowledgment that armed… Read More »

Ukraine Symposium – Cyber Neutrality, Cyber Recruitment, and Cyber Assistance to Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has given rise to many challenging international humanitarian law (IHL) questions. In this post I will focus on its cyber dimension and consider how certain customary law obligations imposed on belligerents and neutrals under the law of neutrality apply to the current armed conflict. More specifically I will examine… Read More »

Risk of cyber attacks rises following Ukraine invasion | Economy and Business

In 2021, there were 40,000 cyber attacks per day, 125% on the previous year, according to security solutions company, Datos101. But while it is true that the number of cyber attacks has been rising in recent years, there are certain factors, such as the pandemic and widespread teleworking that, according to experts, contributed to the… Read More »

Explainer-How Could Russia’s Putin Be Prosecuted for War Crimes in Ukraine? | World News

By Jacqueline Thomsen and Mike Scarcella (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden has publicly called Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal, but legal experts said a prosecution of Putin or other Russian leaders would face high hurdles and could take years, as outlined below: HOW IS A WAR CRIME DEFINED? The International Criminal Court… Read More »

Mechanisms for Criminal Prosecution of Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine

(Ця стаття також доступна українською мовою тут.) Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine is one of the clearest violations of article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter since its entry into force. In addition to legal implications for the  responsibility of Russia as a state, the events have generated renewed interest in the possibility of individual… Read More »