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To Solve Violence Against Women, We Need More Than Just Criminal Law Reforms

The 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape saw unprecedented public mobilisation on the issue of violence against women (VAW) in India. Soon after, the Union government enacted the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013, which expanded the definition of rape and introduced mandatory minimum punishments. Subsequent incidents of rape that received a lot of publicity have only led… Read More »

Senator Kaplan & Senate Majority Take Action on Gun Violence Prevention

(Albany, NY) Today, Senator Anna M. Kaplan (D-North Hills) and the NY Senate Democratic Majority passed legislation to strengthen gun safety measures and ensure deadly weapons stay out of the wrong hands. The legislation will update the criminal code to make the threat of mass harm a crime; require microstamping of ammunition; strengthen measures to prevent those with criminal backgrounds from… Read More »

What Indonesia’s Historic Sexual Violence Law Means for Women and Girls

Earlier this month, Indonesia’s parliament passed the ​​Sexual Violence Crimes Law, the nation’s first dedicated law for addressing cases of sexual violence against men, women, and children.  But what does this law actually mean for the almost 120 million women and girls in the deeply religious country?  The Southeast Asian nation has long considered the… Read More »

South Africa Just Adopted New Laws on Gender-Based Violence. Here’s What to Know.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed three gender-based violence (GBV) bills into legislation, meaning the country has just stepped up its protection for women and children, and survivors have a better chance of receiving justice.  The bills, signed into law on Friday, were first introduced into the country’s parliament in 2020 following a public… Read More »