The controversial new traffic law of the DGT already has a date: everything you need to know

By | September 12, 2023
The controversial new traffic law of the DGT already has a date: everything you need to know

This is all you have to take into account to avoid being penalized on the road with the arrival of the controversial new traffic law.

Finally, we already know the date of entry into force of the new Traffic Law, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety where many of the current regulations are tightened in search of greater safety, some entering into force right now while others will have to wait three months after its publication in the BOE.

It has been waiting, and finally the new traffic law will come into force next March 21 except for some specific measures that will be done tomorrow, Wednesday and that have just been published in the Official State Gazette.

Some provision comes into force this Wednesday as the obligation of drivers to be at all times in driving conditions of the vehicle, notification of infractions, and the search for data that can be accessed by competent bodies.

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But the important changes will be effective as of March 21, 2022, including the controversial rule that prohibits exceeding the speed limit by 20 km / h when overtaking on conventional roads.

Although we have already explained the main changes in the new DGT traffic law, we are going to summarize the main ones along with other secondary ones that you should also know to avoid any fine:

We are penalized with six points for driving hand holding mobile phone, together with an economic fine of 200 euros. It would be three points if the offender uses the mobile phone but does not have it in hand. It is forbidden to throw objects that could cause fires or accidents on the road or in its vicinity with the loss of six points of the card. Also six penalty points for overtaking endangering cyclists without leaving the minimum separation of 1.5 m. Four penalty points for not using the seat belt properly, but also child restraint systems, helmets and other protection elements. Three penalty points if the vehicle is in a radar detection mechanism or kinemometers. A period of two years without committing infractions to recover the initial balance of points. Mandatory helmet use for users of personal mobility vehicles like scooters. In addition, these vehicles will not be able to circulate on sidewalks and pedestrian areas. The obligation of anti-start breathalyzers will be incorporated in professional passenger transport vehicles, from July 6, 2022. It will be possible to recover the points of the license for the completion of driving courses certified by the DGT.

They are a series of rules that you must know very well to avoid any fine within three months, many of them already being in force in the next few hours.