The employment laws you need to know in 2022

The first few months of every new year always brings about the most change in employment laws, regulations and policies. One would have to be buried deep to realize that this year is no exception, especially with a few of the state laws that went into place. Some are more known than others, however, so continue reading to get a quick overview of what came into play as we entered 2022.

The main state law making headlines is the Washington Cares Act (known as the Long Term Care tax).  As of this writing, the law is in effect — employers are required to deduct premiums from employee paychecks (unless there’s an ESD-approved exemption). More information on this law can be found at WA Cares Fund ( and then navigating Long Term Care Benefits – Exemptions – Enrollment. 

Having said that, there was quite a bit of confusion and backlash throughout Washington, and the state legislature is working through the process to take action. The House passed SHB 1732 and SHB 1733 on January 19, which would delay the implementation of the law (i.e., employers would not collect the premiums from employees) and would allow for voluntary exemptions for certain populations. It is fully expected that the Senate will seek to pass these bills during the week of January 24, setting up a signing by the Governor at the beginning of February. Then, the chaos of returning any funds collected will fall on employers’ shoulders, along with the work of figuring out how to better set up this plan (or eliminate it) by vested legislators, activists, business representatives and many others can begin.