The Royal Family Is Allowed to Break a LOT of Laws Just Because They’re Royal

Being a member of the royal family certainly has its pitfalls, but it also definitely has its perks: Tiaras. Castles. Celebrating two birthdays (well, if you’re the Queen, at least). And, according to Insider, plenty of laws that you can break just because you’re royal.

Her Majesty in particular can pretty much do whatever she wants, but all royals have legal perks, too. Case in point? Members of the royal family are exempt from paying taxes in certain instances. Prince Charles’ income from the Duchy of Cornwall is exempt from taxes, but he “voluntarily pays income tax on all revenue from the estate,” according to his website. The Queen is also not legally required to pay taxes, but “she makes voluntary payments on income, assets, and gains not used for official purposes,” according to Business Insider.