Who is running for Nevada Court of Appeals in 2022?

The Nevada Court of Appeals has a unique structure in which all of its cases — approximately 700 each year — are assigned by the Nevada Supreme Court.

The three-judge appellate court resolves cases by unpublished order and published opinion, which become part of Nevada’s case law and can be cited and relied on by lower courts. Appellate judges serve six-year terms.

All three judges on the Court of Appeals are up for reelection this year, but Nevada voters will decide only one of the races, as both Chief Judge Michael P. Gibbons and Judge Bonnie Bulla are running unchallenged. Nevada’s third appellate judge, Jerome Tao, is not seeking reelection. The race will be decided in the November general election.

In addition, two Nevada Supreme Court justices are also up for reelection, but voters won’t see those races on the primary or general election ballots.