Why Should I Hire Personal Injury Attorney?

Have you lived in Camp Lejeune for the last 30 years? Have you suffered a strange illness and not know the cause of your troubles? Anyone who has lived in camp Lejeune from August 1953 to December 31 1987, and suffers some illnesses are eligible to file a compensation case. Camp Lejeune water settlement caters to all members of the US military, their spouses, children and relatives.

What chemicals were residents possibly exposed to?

Camp Lejeune waters were investigated and found to contain hazardous organic compounds. Some of these compounds residents were exposed to include;

  • Tetra-chloro-ethylene
  • Trichloro-ethylene
  • Benzene
  • Vinyl chlorine

These volatile organic compounds have been found to cause severe health conditions, including:

  • Many types of cancer
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Neuro-behavioural conditions
  • Parkinson’s diseases
  • birth defects and complications
  • infertility

Why you need a personal injury attorney for your claim

Hiring a lawyer is the first step towards getting worthwhile compensation within a reasonably short time. Going it alone can complicate issues for you because compensation is a legal process that requires proper documentation and representation. Here’s why you need a personal injury attorney for a fruitful claim:

  1. Determines your eligibility to file a claim

Your attorney will help you put your paperwork in place to support your eligibility for compensation. First, you or your family must have lived In Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987. You should also have valid medical documents to link your illness to the consumption of Camp Lejeune waters. Some of these documents will require authoritative stamps and seals to be accepted as valid documents. Lawyers have relationships they can use to certify the paperwork.


  2. Gathers evidence

A personal injury attorney should build a solid case to secure worthwhile compensation for your case. The lawyer should gather concrete evidence from medical facilities, government laboratories, and agencies supporting documents to support your condition and need for compensation. The lawyer can also demand comprehensive laboratory analysis and diagnosis for your sickness to help him get an outlook on your claim.

  3. Collects backup records

A lawyer is a professional negotiator and investigator. The lawyer can follow your health history to prove your good health before consuming Camp Lejeune water. The comparison is a critical analysis requiring medical history reports to support your case. The lawyer can sometimes talk to medical specialists and experts to add weight to your case. The lawyer details your illness to exposure to solvents, chemicals and volatile organic compounds responsible for your condition.

  4. Camp Lejeune claims are against the government

Camp Lejeune compensation claims are filed against the government. Therefore, suing the government requires other procedures not common in regular cases. For instance, one must submit a notice to the appropriate governmental agency.

A seasoned personal injury attorney understands the procedure and can seamlessly do all required to ensure a successful filing.

  5. Can appeal for a denied claim

The court can deny a client’s claim. Other times, the court can give partial compensation and deny a client disability benefits. A reliable personal injury attorney can appeal on your behalf and negotiate for the award of a client’s previously-denied benefits.

  6. The government is not always fair

It is risky to assume that the government will give you what you deserve without the help of a personal injury attorney. Even when the government agency accepts liability, you can fail to receive your full compensation because each case is unique. Hiring a personal injury attorney helps you appropriate your particular case before the court. Your attorney has fine details about your losses, injuries, disability and inability to lead a normal life. 

  7. The lawyer’s experience is your stronghold

Hiring a personal injury attorney is a sure bet that you’ll clinch the maximum compensation for your losses and injuries. The attorney has experience representing other clients with similar claims and can help you with your case. 



Hiring a personal injury attorney to pursue your compensation claims is critical. The residents of Camp Lejeune deserve rightful compensation from the federal government. However, hiring a personal injury attorney is the only way to ensure the court considers your illness, losses, injuries and disabilities. Your case is unique from all others and requires it to be treated with the seriousness it deserves.